Thursday, 19 May 2011

Textual Consent

There was a time, not really that many years ago, that the conversation about the potential of a sexual encounter was discussed flirtily in a dimly lit intimate corner of a pub, probably a few moments before rushing out of the door together in a fleeting anticipated moment. I now find that technology has squashed that little moment of intimate hope.

Whilst texting my new interest, I realise that we have discussed a few intimate details without actually meeting. It has dawned on me that if we meet and don't hit it off, it could all get very embarrassing!

Its quite easy to do, we are not face to face, and you get time to rehearse what you say without coming across as either a pervert or frigid. The only problem is that its not me. I am a dominant woman, and am very passionate and spontaneous. Putting that in a text dilutes the thought so when I do meet up with him, I fear that I will be quite reserved in comparison I have given my best ideas already!!

I am quite nervous about this date now. We have both put a lot of expectation on how the night will go, and I hope that neither of us is disappointed. Keep watching.....

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