Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Is this the start of a new Era?

Being a single mum, I do not get the chance to go out socialising much, so when the Christmas party was confirmed in work, I was such a happy girl. I love parties! People who you spend most of your week with will get drunk and tell you secrets, or tell you what they truly think of you or even worse (or better) try and snog you! What joy! A chance to dress up too, what girl does not like to do that!

The day approached, I arranged for my son to stay over my mother's and off I went to enjoy myself. I drank (but not too much), I danced (very much) and smoked. It was whilst I was stood outside the pub, freezing in the snow that a man approached me. A fireman at that! We got talking, flirting and I boldy offered to buy him a drink and to my delight he said yes! Off inside we went to the bar, chatting and flirting some more. He was moving on to another bar, so put his phone number in my mobile, kerching!! I had pulled!

The alcohol has cruelly faded a lot of the conversation but I remembered enough the next day to remember to call. I nervously pressed the green button on my mobile....and got nothing. I tried again... nothing. I checked the number and realised that there was a digit missing. I could think two ways with this, either it was a genuine drunken mistake or it was missed on purpose. I hoped it was the former. I shrugged my shoulders and thought "oh well, would have been nice!" and went about my life.

Fast forward five months later. Whilst checking my Facebook page sneekily in work, I noticed I had a message. Upon checking it, I realise that it is from that very fireman whom had captured my attention in the snow.
"Are you the girl that I was talking to at Christmas?"
I replied affirmitively. My excitement starting to bubble as he quickly replied that he would like to buy me a drink when I was next out. We exchanged telephone numbers (enough digits this time) and arranged to meet up.

Wow, my first date as a single parent. All I can say is it is rather strange. I now have boundaries and rules and a complete desire to let him know that I am not desperate for sex, although I haven't had sex for two years and I think I rather am!

So I am meeting up with him on Friday. I have chosen my outfit, I have decided that whatever I do I will not sleep with him, although I have shaved, bought new underwear and checked myself in the mirror for  my best angles! Lets hope this is a pleasent experience and that my dry spell is over!!

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  1. Love it, how did it go? Dating once your single again is fun fun fun, I have found I have new rules about things I never thought I would have to have rules about :D